Aptera's Portable Toilet Rental Guide

Finding that perfect portable toilet for your next event can be challenging. There are so many options available to choose from that it can be overwhelming. There are also countless places one could use these portable toilets that many are unaware of. If you are looking to rent one, you should have knowledge of the porta potty costs that will come into play and how often it will need to be serviced.

The Different Types

As mentioned before, it can be quite a task to figure out which portable toilet is the right one for you and your needs. There are small basic options, but there are also elaborate ones that are more like miniature restrooms to provide more comfort and a better experience. Here are some of the most well-known types that you should consider.

toilet flushing water

Flushing portable toilets offer a guests a far cleaner experience.

Standard Porta Potty
The standard porta potty is the most basic design and style from all of the selections on the market. This toilet typically comes with a seat that is molded, plenty of air vents that give the standard portable toilets great ventilation, and a rolling toilet paper dispenser. This is the simplest and most basic style, so if you are just looking for something simple and nothing too elaborate, this is a great choice for you.
ADA Compliant
Another popular toilet is one that is ADA compliant. These do not have thresholds that could hinder someone from entering or exiting. They also include handrails on the inside and they create plenty of room in case a person with a wheelchair needs to enter and completely turn around in the chair. This is a great toilet if you want something that is very accessible for those in wheelchairs or the elderly.
Extra Wide
Perhaps you need portable toilets for an event or festival where people will be dressed up in large, bulky costumes, or maybe it is for a formal event where everyone will be wearing ball gowns. The extra-wide toilet is perfect for those types of occasions. The extra space inside provides plenty of room for extra clothing, making the experience hassle-free. The roof on this toilet is translucent, so natural light can shine through and there is also typically a hand-washing sink included as well.
Flushing Action Porta Potty
Another option are the portable toilets that include incredible flushing action. This style allows for fast flushing which helps to reduce smells and odors. These are the more luxurious types of toilets that also come with a hook for your coat or purse and a small mirror for convenience. There are even options that include small shelves for decor or storing items.
Job Site Porta Potty (with sling)
Perhaps the toilet is needed for a job site of some kind. Whether it is a construction zone or something else, this is the perfect option for those who have to work outside all day long. These portable toilets are equipped with a sling and can be safely lifted with a crane. It is convenient for those who do not have easy access to indoor plumbing.
Family-Sized Portable Toilet
This is the perfect toilet for families. It is basically a miniature-sized family restroom. This toilet is equipped with a changing table for little ones, a garbage can for trash and a specific hanger to hang up diaper bags while using the changing table. It is also known for being well lit, so seeing is not an issue in the family-sized option. It has an extra-wide toilet for more space and this makes it easier to use.
Restroom Trailer
The basic trailer restroom is a small restroom that comes with two different entrances. One of the entrances opens up to the three stalls and the other one goes to a private area that includes one single stall and a few urinals. This option typically includes a full sink, excellent lighting and several mirrors.
VIP Trailer Restroom
The VIP trailer restroom is just like the basic trailer restroom that was previously discussed. However, this one is a lot bigger in size. The VIP model is known for using premium materials on the floors, walls and for the fixtures, bringing it to the next level when it comes to quality and aesthetics for portable toilets. Most of these restrooms come with climate control options and piped music, making it a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Where can I use a portable toilet?

Over the years, these toilets have become more user-friendly and hold a better reputation than before. In the past, many avoided using them because of the smell and mess that would typically come with them. However, things have improved and they are being used for countless events and festivals. Here are some of the most popular reasons people rent them out.

Wedding Guests drinking champagne

Outdoor weddings are an ideal place for VIP restroom trailers.

Renting Them out for a Wedding

It is very common for those who plan to have an outdoor wedding to rent several portable toilets. Many options discussed above would work well for this type of event. However, the most popular one for a wedding reception is the VIP restroom because it offers the most pleasant experience for guests.

They Are Commonly Used for Concerts

These toilets are frequently used for concerts of all kinds. If you need to rent a few out for a concert, consider choosing the ADA compliant option or the standard model. Just keep in mind that 50 toilets should be rented per 10,000 people, so be sure to calculate how many guests will be in attendance.

Woman in wheelchair

ADA compliant restrooms offer accessibility for every user.

Many Use Them for Corporate Events

If you want to make a big corporate event more comfortable, choose a handful of the luxury restroom trailers or the ADA compliant portable toilets. This will make it easier for guests to go to the bathroom and will make the event as pleasant as it can possibly be.

Use Them for Construction Sites

Any of the porta potties mentioned would work for a construction site. However, the most popular one for this situation would be the sling-equipped portable toilet. Most construction sites need outdoor toilets because they do not have access to plumbing yet.

Farm Site with Portable toilets for use.

Construction and job sites are more productive with adequate access to stalls.


It is common for farmers to use portable toilets during both harvest season and planting season. It can be difficult to get everything done during the day without a convenient toilet or restroom nearby to use. Since farming is seasonal, the best route is to simply rent one of these for when you need it.

Disaster Situations

Whenever a disaster strikes, like an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, utilities will typically not work for a while until workers have the time and ability to restore them. The best solution to this problem is to have several toilets in the disaster area for public and worker use. Any of the toilets listed above would work for this situation.


Portable toilets are needed for camping sites. There are usually no permanent restrooms at sites like this, so these offer a cleaner and more relaxed option over an outhouse. If you are going camping, the standard style would work perfectly for this.

What Are Typical Porta Potty Rental Prices?

Two People looking at papers

Pricing varies by location, season and available inventory, but researching the costs before you rent will help you save.

Portable toilet rental costs will also vary depending on which unit you choose. For example, the price difference of the standard toilet to the VIP restroom will be huge. However, there are some average prices that can serve as a guideline for what you can expect to pay for the portable toilets that you choose.

Average standard porta potty rental prices are $175 to $275 for a week.

Average ADA handicap portable toilet rental prices are $225 to $295 for a week.

Average restroom trailer rental prices are $295 to $795 for a week.

As you can see, the prices vary depending on the option you choose. The costs will be even higher if you go with one of the restrooms because they are bigger and more luxurious.


The standard porta potty Has a molded seat, air vents and a rolling toilet dispenser. It is a great basic option.
The ADA compliant toilet comes with handrails and is great for those who are using wheelchairs but also works for anyoneC
The extra wide option Perfect for festivals or events where people will be in costumes or,dressed up in ball gowns because the toilet makes extra space for the,dresses or outfits.
The flushing action porta potty Reduces odors and smells and also has a mirror and purse hanger for convenience.
The sling toilet Great for jobsites and can be lifted with a crane with ease.
Family-sized restroom If you need an option with more space. This has a baby-changing table as well.
The basic trailer restroom Has two entrances. One goes to a few stalls and the other goes to a,single stall with several urinals. This includes a sink and great,lighting as well.
The VIP trailer Uses premium materials for the walls, floors and fixtures and has many added features to make for a comfortable experience. Usually rented out for weddings, corporate events or concerts.

Choosing portable toilets is difficult because the options are endless. They are now more user-friendly, more convenient, and there are options for every occasion and event. It is wise to first consider your financial situation and what you can easily afford and then research the different models and styles to see which one would make a perfect choice for your needs. You do not want to overspend if all you need is the standard porta potty, so read through the many options and make a decision accordingly.