Understanding Junk Removal Pricing

junk removal pricing for large pile of trash

Aptera is here to help you understand variables in junk removal pricing whether you have a basement full of unwanted items or an office building left with the remnants of your prior tenant. Getting rid of junk on your own is a long, labor intensive process. Junk removal experts will send a crew to quickly load the materials and get them out of your sight; but how much will it cost? Learn how to understand junk removal pricing with Aptera's helpful guide.

Estimating Junk Removal Costs

Most junk removal companies are able to take the cost of doing business plus the expected profit and determine a price per cubic yard of junk removal. Some companies price junk removal based on the fraction of the truck they expect to fill rather than per cubic yard. With either pricing scenario the price will be based on the amount of stuff you need hauled away.

When you request junk removal pricing it is helpful to give a short description of the types of items you need removed. Offering a good guess of the total cubic yards will help with the accuracy of the quote as well. It is not always easy to figure out how many cubic yards the contents of your basement would amount to, or how much space the items would take up inside a box truck, but Aptera can help:

Junk removal pricing for appliances

The price for junk removal varies from $25 to $65 per cubic yard. Smaller loads tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum, while larger loads are typically less expensive.

How Junk Removal Companies Determine Pricing

Junk removal companies price their service based on how much space your load will take up in their truck, but there are specific factors that go into that pricing. Junk removal companies structure their pricing based on:

Example of proper loading during junk removal

Once the company has accounted for the expenses above, they must also consider the cost of other expenses related to running a business. These costs could include office staff, rent, utilities, and supplies. At this point, the bare minimum cost of junk removal service can be determined in order to break even. This is a complicated process and will vary by company, as well as by location.

Do you have junk to get rid of? Aptera helps you obtain fair price quotes from junk removal companies that find a balance between cost competitiveness and great service. Request a quote today and receive professional, competitive junk removal pricing from our local partners. Just answer a few simple questions about your project using our convenient quote form and start comparing quotes from multiple companies in your area.

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