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Rain, sun and wind wear down Shelby County roofing relentlessly year after year causing both minor problems and major damage. With proper maintenance and yearly routine service from a professional Shelby County roof repair specialist your home can be kept in excellent shape for decades. Aptera is here ensure that homeowners who need a professional roofing contractor in Shelby County can select from honest, reliable and experienced pros who can fix all types of roof leaks, broken shingles and more.

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Reducing The Cost of Roofing in Shelby County, OH

The cost of roof repair in Shelby County can vary depending on how severe the damage is, the type of roof and whether it is an emergency or not. Sometimes a roof may only need a simple patch while other roof problems may be so severe that the entire structure needs to be replaced. How old is your roof? If it is over 25 years old and needs repairs every year, it may be time to consider a full roof replacement.

The typical homeowner will spend anywhere from $300 up to $1,000 dollars on roof repairs in Shelby County each year. Low cost repairs include clogged gutters, cracked flashing, cracked vent booting. Repairs that tend to cost much more due to labor and the price of materials include broken or missing shingles, and sometimes skylight leaks depending on whether or not the actual skylight needs to be replaced, or if the area around it just needs to be resealed. A leaky roof can also be caused by vertical connections in the roof where it meets other materials such as wall masonry or ridge vents.

There are ways that you can minimize the cost of roofing repairs in Shelby County if you just take the time. An absolute must is comparing multiple prices from roofing contractors in Sidney, Anna and Fort Loramie to make sure that you are not paying at the very high end of the spectrum. *Note that we do not (always) recommend going with the cheapest roofer in Shelby County because quality of work is so critical and you don't want to have to deal with and pay for the same problem again in five years. The best advice that too few property owners utilize is scheduling yearly maintenance to fix damage before warning signs are even present down below. By the time your roof is leaking noticeably the damage has likely been accumulating for at least a few months.

Biting the Bullet

It's never easy, but when constant repairs need to be made on an old worn down roof the best decision is often to completely replace it. While it is expensive and a hassle, getting a completely new roof in Shelby County can sometimes save you money in the long run if you have to repair your roof several times due to reoccurring damage. A silver lining is that when you go to sell your property, the enhanced aesthetics and durability of a new roof can increase its value.

The average cost of a brand new roof can run anywhere from $4,500 for an asphalt shingle roof in Shelby County, to $25,500 and up for a metal roof in Shelby County. High end example: a slate roof can cost the average homeowner as much as $155k to replace. While there are many different types of roofing materials out there that can add more style and aesthetic value to your home, the affordable asphalt shingle roof is one of the most common types in Shelby County. Most homeowners tend to pay around $12,500 on average for a complete replacement with asphalt shingle. Pro tip: In addition to general certifications, always try to work with a contractor who specializes in your type of roof to reduce the risk of employee error. The NCRA's (National Roofing Contractors Association) has multiple programs for different roof types.

The pitch of a roof can also have an impact on the total cost of replacement or repairs. Some roofs have a high pitch while others may have either a low pitch or none at all. The more steep a roof is, the more difficult and dangerous is it to fix, thus increasing your cost. With steeper pitch it also takes more time for Shelby County roofers to complete the job, especially if they have to use additional safety equipment, harnesses or nets to prevent tools from falling.

Know Your Options

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Aptera roofers in Shelby County will help educate you to make sure you are able to strike the perfect balance between a long-lasting durable roof and an aesthetic charm.

First, there are four basic material types which include asphalt, tile, slate and metal in order from least expense to most expensive.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofs will require several types of repairs over their lifetime but leaks are the most common and range from simple to severe. Damage caused by heavy storms, wind, hail and ice are the primary culprits but sometimes pests or falling trees can strike as well. Improperly sealed (or simply worn) vent pipes can also wear out and require repair over time.

Many people enjoy a skylight on their roof but they can be the cause of another common repair job in Shelby County. Many times the skylight itself may be broken, or the seal around the glass breaks. Chimney flashings (the sheet metal material that maintains a watertight seal between the roof and your chimney) can pull away from the roof or wear out if exposed to weather, and often they are not installed properly in the first place. All of which can cause severe leaks.

Finally, the roof valleys on asphalt shingle roofs cause problems as they often collect leaves and debris over time. By having roofing companies in Shelby County regularly clear and inspect these problematic areas, you can help to encourage the natural down-flow of water which will help keep your asphalt roof in better shape.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofing is strong and durable and is the choice for homeowners with a little extra money to spend so they don't have to worry repairs as much as they would with asphalt shingles. However, slate roofs do require routine maintenance and should be inspected annually for common issues like cracks, broken or loose slates.

Tip: work with a roofing contractor in Shelby County that specializes in slate roofing because there are techniques that they can hone that are unique to repairing and replacing slate that non specialists won't have.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are a beautiful, affordable option for the homeowner who wants a roof that will last longer than shingles but cost less than metal. While most will last for 50 years or more, they are prone to several common issues including cracked and sliding tiles. Left unchecked, this will expose the roof underlayment to harmful sun rays, rain and more which can cause even further damage. A damaged underlayment can also cause leaks which lead to interior damage as well.

Yearly inspections also look out for corrosion, soffit and roof edge damage, and valley failure.

Metal Roofing in Shelby County

Many people looking for a premium long lasting option are choosing metal roofing in Shelby County. This may come as a surprise to some, but modern metal roofs are come in a huge variety of styles, textures and colors and often even come with a 50 year manufacturers warranty. Try finding that on any other major purchase for your home. If you can handle the marginally higher upfront cost of a metal roof in Shelby County, you will enjoy future savings that include reduced insurance rates, energy costs (up to a third less than a traditional shingle roof), and home resale value.

Won't my metal roof rust?

It is critical to work with a metal roofing contractor in Shelby County that focuses (preferably solely) on metal roofs. In addition to simply being able to offer a wider variety of options from more manufacturers at a lower cost, they will be better equipped to educate you on the type of metal roof that will work best for you. You want your roofer to be able to explain the benefits of a standing seam metal roof or the difference between galvanized zinc or galvalume, (a mixture of zinc and aluminum) in layman's terms. Building owners who want a commercial metal roof in Shelby County enjoy the same benefits, but can also help with LEED certification.

Though rare, metal roof repairs include missing or corroded fasteners, splits, holes and protrusions in the metal surface. Rust inhibitors and primers usually keep rust at bay.

Questions to Ask Your Roofing Company in Shelby County, OH

One common trait of all good roofing companies in Sidney, Anna, Fort Loramie, Houston and Jackson Center is that they are patient to answer all of your questions regardless of how minor. This list will get you started but make sure to write down any additional questions before the initial consultation.

Can you remove my old roof?

A good contractor will remove the existing roof, though some will suggest saving time and money by placing new shingles over an old roof. This not a practice we recommend as soft spots or rotting wood lying underneath your old shingles can remain a problem.

Am I charged more if there is bad weather during the job?

Bad weather can happen at any time and it is important that your Shelby County roofer has a backup plan for heavy rain and storms that occur in the middle of your repair project. Most will bring along large tarps or plastic covers that will cover over any open spaces to protect your roof and home until the storm passes. This will help to ensure that everything remains dry until the company is able to return back to work. Aside from the inconvenience of a delay, you should not be charged extra.

Do you recycle material from my old roof?

Will my landscaping be protected during the course of the job?

Ask for details on job site precautions to ensure that the landscaping does not become damaged. No one wants to come home to a brand new roof and torn up lawn due to heavy equipment and traffic patterns.

What are your credentials?

It is up to you to find out if the roofing company you hire has enough expertise to get the job done. Beware the journeyman roofer with no credentials to back up their claims of skill, it is just too tough to verify the quality of their workmanship until it is too late. It will help to ask about accreditation and certifications for your roof type. You can often verify this as well at:

Can I receive a written estimate?

Before you sign paperwork be sure you have a detailed estimate that includes the cost of removing the old roofing materials, roofing materials, labor and anything else that may come up during the job.

How To Get the Best Roofer in Shelby County, OH

Here are a few final tips on how to get the best roofer in Sidney, Anna, Fort Loramie and Houston for the particular repair job that you need.

Shelby County Cities Served

Roofing Sidney, OH

Sidney Roofing Costs:

Sidney roof repair costs $860, roof installation costs $6,318.

Roofing Anna, OH

Anna Roofing Costs:

Anna roof repair costs $1,060, roof installation costs $7,786.

Roofing Fort Loramie, OH

Fort Loramie Roofing Costs:

Fort Loramie roof repair costs $818, roof installation costs $6,008.

Roofing Houston, OH

Houston Roofing Costs:

Houston roof repair costs $927, roof installation costs $6,806.

Roofing Jackson Center, OH

Jackson Center Roofing Costs:

Jackson Center roof repair costs $956, roof installation costs $7,021.

Roofing Botkins, OH

Botkins Roofing Costs:

Botkins roof repair costs $1,014, roof installation costs $7,450.

Roofing Maplewood, OH

Maplewood Roofing Costs:

Maplewood roof repair costs $1,085, roof installation costs $7,973.

Roofing Russia, OH

Russia Roofing Costs:

Russia roof repair costs $1,089, roof installation costs $7,996.

Roofing Port Jefferson, OH

Port Jefferson Roofing Costs:

Port Jefferson roof repair costs $987, roof installation costs $7,253.

Roofing Kettlersville, OH

Kettlersville Roofing Costs:

Kettlersville roof repair costs $816, roof installation costs $5,996.

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Roof Repair in Shelby County, OH

Roof Repair Shelby County, OH

Roof Installation in Shelby County, OH

Roof Installation Shelby County, OH

Roof Inspection in Shelby County, OH

Roof Inspection Shelby County, OH

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Shelby County Roof Repair

Roof Repair in Shelby County

Average Cost: $955
Starting At: $208

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Anna $1,060$202$1,440
Botkins $1,014$250$1,489
Fort Loramie $818$193$1,603
Houston $927$249$1,640
Jackson Center $956$203$1,618
Kettlersville $816$221$1,501
Maplewood $1,085$221$1,568
Pemberton $957$204$1,578
Port Jefferson $987$212$1,626
Russia $1,089$246$1,465
Sidney $860$223$1,597
Shelby County Roof Installation

Roof Installation in Shelby County

Average Cost: $7,016
Starting At: $2,702

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Anna $7,786$2,627$9,731
Botkins $7,450$3,250$10,062
Fort Loramie $6,008$2,506$10,832
Houston $6,806$3,239$11,084
Jackson Center $7,021$2,645$10,937
Kettlersville $5,996$2,870$10,143
Maplewood $7,973$2,873$10,600
Pemberton $7,030$2,652$10,668
Port Jefferson $7,253$2,756$10,991
Russia $7,996$3,198$9,902
Sidney $6,318$2,904$10,797
Shelby County Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection in Shelby County

Average Cost: $212
Starting At: $83

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Anna $235$81$624
Botkins $225$100$645
Fort Loramie $182$77$694
Houston $206$100$710
Jackson Center $212$81$701
Kettlersville $181$88$650
Maplewood $241$89$679
Pemberton $212$82$684
Port Jefferson $219$85$704
Russia $242$99$635
Sidney $191$89$692
Shelby County Roof Sealing

Roof Sealing in Shelby County

Average Cost: $551
Starting At: $99

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Anna $612$96$1,126
Botkins $585$119$1,165
Fort Loramie $472$92$1,254
Houston $535$119$1,283
Jackson Center $551$97$1,266
Kettlersville $471$105$1,174
Maplewood $626$105$1,227
Pemberton $552$97$1,235
Port Jefferson $570$101$1,272
Russia $628$117$1,146
Sidney $496$107$1,250