The Best Portable Toilets in Newaygo County, MI

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Portable Toilets in Newaygo County

The Best Portable Toilet Rental in Newaygo County Made Easy

Portable toilet rentals in Newaygo County are an incredibly convenient option whether you are hosting an event or have workers out in the field for hours on end. Access to supplemental porta potties on site (in addition to existing facilities) can be a lifesaver when you have more guests than usual or you don't want people trudging through your home or building during an event. Aptera makes renting portable toilets in Fremont, Bitely and Newaygo even more convenient than managing heavy traffic to and from onsite private restrooms.

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Portable Toilets, There When You Need Them

For most people in Newaygo County a portable toilet isn't their first choice when they need to use the restroom. But they are a necessity during outdoor festivals, concerts, marathons and more, so it will help if you know the best portable toilet companies in Newaygo County, what type/size of toilets they can deliver, their daily/week/monthly rental rates, their reputation and more. We have done to legwork to take out the guesswork involved when you rent a porta potty or restroom trailer in Newaygo County. At Aptera we speak with every single partner we work with to ensure quality customer service and that their reviews are up to par.

Your Newaygo County Portable Toilet Rental Options

There are an incredible number of options for portable toilet and restroom trailer rental in Fremont, Bitely and Newaygo, ranging for basic and small to large with various amenities. Choose from the following options:

Standard Portable Toilets (Porta Potties)

Standard porta potties are only large enough for a single person to use the restroom at one time. While sizes vary slightly, a standard portable toilet in Newaygo County is typically 35 square inches.

*Note that the relatively tight squeeze inside the most basic portable toilets can make it difficult for larger people, or those with less mobility.

Options for basic units vary, starting with single, non-flushing toilet. Upgrades available include a flushing toilet (requires more space to support a large tank of water to be used for flushing), a separate urinal, toilet seat covers, hand sanitizer, or a hand washing station. Additionally, they often include toilet paper the length of the rental period.

A standard portable toilet most often has a 70 gallon tank attached, which is adequate for an event with 50 guests which lasts no more than four hours. (if you are serving alcohol at your event prepare for 25% more usage of the units as a rule of thumb) Porta potty companies in Fremont, Bitely, Newaygo and White Cloud will usually service the units once per week if you are renting for ten days or more. For a frame of reference a single toilet can be used by a crew of ten individuals for a typical forty hour work week.

While some variation in price does exist across Newaygo County, the cost of renting a standard portable toilet is typically fairly similar from company to company.

A standard, non-flushing unit costs between $50-$120 for a one day toilet rental in Newaygo County. For a monthly rental, without weekly service, the cost is between $130-$350.

The premium for a standard, flushing portable toilet is about 30% to 50%. For a monthly rental, without weekly service, the costs are between $310-$550 for a month. *note that delivery fees can vary widely, make sure that this cost is included in your quote.

Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Portable Restrooms in Fremont and Bitely

For events with guests requiring wheelchair accessible options, most rental companies have an ADA Compliant Portable Restroom available. These units have wider doors, larger interiors, and handrails for safety. While sizes vary, a handicap accessible portable restroom is typically between 62 and 77 square inches. Some cheaper units are “handicap accessible” but not ADA compliant. ADA compliant restroom trailers in Newaygo County are slightly larger and cost more, but they will pass all safety codes and more importantly better serve the needs of your disabled guests.

handicap portable toilet

Portable Toilets Tied To Main Sewer Line

Some portable toilet options can be connected to the main sewer line for a full flushing and better smelling experience. These toilets are best suited for long term rentals such as a construction site where work may continue for months, as the process of connecting the main sewer line takes some planning and cost a little more. However, short term expenses can be mitigated by the reduced need for servicing portable toilets as often. Pro Tip: this can be a point of leverage when negotiating on a long term project.

Full Range of Restroom Trailers in Newaygo County, MI

Upscale events demand upscale bathroom options, and restroom trailers get the job done every time. As always, you have plenty of options:

  • Mobile Restroom Trailers – Mobility and cost savings are the sole purpose of these trailers. They essentially consist of two or more standard porta potties on a wheeled trailer. Perfect for highly mobile construction crews and agriculture work environments, these are by far the cheapest toilet trailers available in Newaygo County.
  • General Purpose Restroom Trailers in Fremont, Bitely and Newaygo – The workhorses of the toilet trailer business, these are used by everyone from government (disaster sites, assemblies, events) to event planners to individuals having a backyard party. These have larger restrooms with hand washing stations inside and most units have a vanity with mirror, towels, and more. These trailers are still without electricity, but provide a larger, more comfortable option for your guests. Upgrades for restroom trailer rentals in Newaygo County include a separate men’s and women’s stall side by side.
  • Luxury Restroom Trailers – The list of amenities rivals a high end home or office building and includes such as full electricity, air conditioning, furniture for the waiting area, toiletries, cabinets and more. Many Newaygo County restroom trailer companies even provide a restroom attendant throughout your event.
interior of luxury restroom trailer in Newaygo County

All Purpose Sanitation Solutions

  • Construction Crews: Renting portable toilets for a construction crew saves time and increases worker efficiency in the field. You can check OSHA for guidelines and your responsibility for maintaining access to toilets for employees in working condition.
  • School Functions: School functions often bring large crowds. Having portable toilets nearby keeps students and their families from having to access to smaller, on site bathrooms, which often lead to long wait lines.
  • Weddings: Guests are most comfortable with higher end restroom trailers for weddings (no one wants to use a porta potty in a nice gown). Cost can be an issue, so we recommend utilizing a combination of luxury toilet trailers and lower end units for males.
  • Sporting Events and Races: One tip for races: if you rent trailer/truck mounted porta potties they can be easily moved along the route as the race progresses for the convenience of runners and onlookers.
  • Concerts: It is critical to keep loo lines short so that event goers don't have to miss a more of the show than necessary. Long porta potty lines are a buzzkill for any concert.
  • Outdoor Social Events: Rent for any other outdoor social events such as anniversary celebrations, family reunions, birthday parties, and graduation open houses.

Questions to Ask Your Porta Potty Company in Newaygo County, MI

Before renting a porta potty in Newaygo County, there a few questions you may want to ask to avoid any surprises and ensure your expectations are met. Remember that some companies try to deliver the minimum level of service and quality of toilet to drive the cost down, while others cater to those who want a nicer experience. It is up to you to communicate your needs and find the right match for your company.

What is included in the price?

It is important to know ahead of time if your rental will include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or cleaning services, whether or not there will be a hand washing station, and what the delivery and service fee is. Or do they charge extra to clean out the porta potty if it is a multi-month rental?

Is delivery included?

Some companies may charge an additional fee for delivery and pick up, plan ahead by asking about the delivery cost before signing a rental agreement.

How far in advance do I need to reserve my portable toilet?

Certain seasons (summer!) are busier than others, and some companies may require you to place a deposit in advance to secure porta potties in advance.

Do you carry liability insurance?

It is important that portable toilet rental companies carry a minimum of liability insurance which protects renters in case of theft, damage, injury, or other unplanned events.

How frequently will my portable toilet be serviced?

If you are renting for over a week, make sure to check with your provider to see how often they will be servicing the unit.

Is servicing my toilet included in the rental cost?

If you are renting a portable toilet, be sure to check if having your toilet serviced is included in the rental cost.

Do you deliver on weekends?

For weekend events, you may need to be ready to accept delivery on a Friday, and pickup on a Monday.

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Newaygo County Cities Served

Portable Toilets Fremont, MI

Fremont Portable Toilets Costs:

Fremont special event portable toilet costs $158, porta potty rental costs $108.

Portable Toilets Bitely, MI

Bitely Portable Toilets Costs:

Bitely special event portable toilet costs $162, porta potty rental costs $111.

Portable Toilets Newaygo, MI

Newaygo Portable Toilets Costs:

Newaygo special event portable toilet costs $169, porta potty rental costs $116.

Portable Toilets White Cloud, MI

White Cloud Portable Toilets Costs:

White Cloud special event portable toilet costs $176, porta potty rental costs $121.

Portable Toilets Grant, MI

Grant Portable Toilets Costs:

Grant special event portable toilet costs $165, porta potty rental costs $113.

Portable Toilets Brohman, MI

Brohman Portable Toilets Costs:

Brohman special event portable toilet costs $163, porta potty rental costs $112.

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Special Event Portable Toilet in Newaygo County, MI

Special Event Portable Toilet Newaygo County, MI

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Average Cost: $199
Starting At: $121

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Bitely $162$130$229
Brohman $163$128$236
Fremont $158$107$223
Grant $165$116$205
Newaygo $169$102$239
White Cloud $176$117$191
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Grant $113$80$168
Newaygo $116$71$196
White Cloud $121$81$157
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Grant $376$296$704
Newaygo $386$261$820
White Cloud $403$300$659