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We rarely think about our garage doors but when a problem occurs we want it fixed fast. Aptera works to manually review our partners that provide garage door repair in Waller County to make sure they are qualified and built for speed. Rushing to get to a meeting on time and finding that your car is stuck in the garage with an inoperable door can leave you desperate. Don’t call a fly-by-night company out of desperation; find the best garage door company in Hempstead, Prairie View, Brookshire and Pattison who offers affordable repairs that are done right.

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How to Get the Best Waller County Garage Door Company

How can you ensure the garage door company in Waller County you choose uses only qualified technicians? There are several certification agencies including DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International) and IDA (International Door Association) that offer voluntary programs for overhead door installation. Ask your overhead door company in Waller County if the techs are certified and if the company holds a current license (you can verify this with the local licensing authority). Also, make sure the company is bonded and insured to protect yourself from poor workmanship and accidents on your property.

Once you find at least two companies that meet licensing, certification, and insurance requirements, it is time to compare bids. Make sure each written, signed bid is for the same scope of work and lists details of the project. For example if you have requested pricing for garage door installation in Waller County, do all bids include the cost of materials and removing the old door? Ask if there are any additional costs that are not included in the quote; if so, get those in writing. Finally, ask for references from previous customers. The best garage door service in Waller County is one with a great track record, proven results, and fair prices.

Most Common Garage Door Repairs in Waller County, TX

Available in a multitude of styles, each type of door will present various types of problems. Additionally, the fluctuating climate in Waller County, the frequency of door use, and the age of your garage door can each add to the challenge of diagnosing the repairs it needs. Find out more about common overhead door problems and their causes, as well as what you can do to make sure your garage doors in Waller County continue to operate with ease.

Garage Door is Stuck Open or Closed

The door will not open or shut; this could be as simple as something stuck in the track, but it could also indicate an unevenly hung door. Waller County garage door repair professionals adjust the tracks, springs and other components—often without replacing parts. The cost is around $75 for the initial service call, plus the company’s hourly rate.

Springs are Broken

Even though broken springs are the most likely way for your door to break, most will actually last around 15,000 cycles (a cycle is when the garage is opened and closed once). Higher end door springs can last over 20,000 cycles. If your car is trapped in the garage you can use the emergency cord to release the door from the motor, but you will want to have the springs replaced as soon as possible so you don't have to manually open and close it. Note that the springs above the door are torsion springs and tension springs are along the side. The cost for replace garage door springs in Waller County can range from $140 to $390, depending on the model.

Door Drops Dangerously Fast

Damage or serious injury can occur when the door falls too quickly, and the culprit is usually a broken cable. The cost to replace an overhead door cable is usually around $95 for parts and labor. Older doors often lack an electric eye to detect obstacles and don't automatically reverse upon impact. Never ignore this problem as it is a safety hazard for children, pets or employees!

Garage Door Moves Unevenly When Opening or Closing

A garage door that wobbles while in motion is often the result of built up debris in the track. Clearing the track should resolve the issue in most cases. However, older tracks, or those allowed to operate unevenly for a longer period of time may need full track replacement. Pressure can mount on specific places along the track rather than dispersing evenly as it does with a properly working door.

Door is Making Loud Noises

If your door begins making a grinding or screeching noise you may have debris in the track, but this could also be caused by a lack of lubrication.

Opener is Making Noise but Door is Not Moving

If your door opener is making a buzzing or grinding sound but the door will not function, your main gear drive needs to be replaced. It will typically cost $135 to replace the gear drive if there are no other repairs that need to be made.

Motor Needs Repair or Replacement

If your garage door opener motor breaks or dies it is often ore cost effective to simply replace it with a new one. Temporary fixes will be only slightly cheaper, and you run the risk of needing future garage door repairs as well.

Garage Door Remote Control is Not Working

If the remote control is not working be sure to replace the battery first. If this does not work you will need a new remote. Replacements typically cost $80 - $95.

Preventative Maintenance, Tuning and Adjusting a Garage Door

Having a garage door company in Waller County service your equipment on an annual basis can help prevent sudden and major repairs. Budget around $70 for annual maintenance calls—the repairman will inspect, tune, adjust and lubricate your overhead door for this price. Tip: look at this as a minor investment that will save you the hassle and costs of major repairs down the line.

Know Your Options

Garage styles and materials have come a long way in recent years. The selections available to homeowners and businesses are almost overwhelming, but these options ensure the perfect fit with the right appeal. Even the individual garage door panels give you options including flush panels, short-raised panels, long-raised panels, and even painted panels that will help match to the style of your home just a little better.

Garage Door Styles

Garage Door Materials

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Upgrades

Commercial Overhead Doors in Waller County

Commercial overhead doors in Waller County come in styles to meet the needs of any business. Sectional doors are durable and have high efficiency ratings while aluminum and glass doors provide excellent natural light and a nice aesthetic. Rolling steel commercial doors have options for increased opening or closing speed, are secure, come in fire-rated varieties and are perfect for loading docks or businesses that need extra security.

commercial overhead doors in Waller County

For businesses that load and unload tons of goods every day, a reliable overhead door is critical to keep the business running. And when not in use they serve as the first barrier of protection for your inventory. Emergency commercial door service in Waller County is available 24 hours a day for these very reasons.

The Critical Questions

When Should I Consider Replacing My Old Door?

Consider replacing a worn, heavy, sagging, or heavily damaged door. New, lightweight garage doors are easier to operate, add curb appeal, and offer a significant return on investment when it comes to resale. A high end overhead door should last over 25 years.

Can You Install a New Garage Door With an Opener if I Have a Low Ceiling?

Yes, they require less than 7” of head space in some cases.

Is One Brand Better Than Another?

Each brand has a unique set of positive attributes. Most garage door companies in Hempstead, Prairie View, Brookshire, Pattison and carry multiple brands such as Amarr, Clopay, C.H.I., Raynor, and Wayne Dalton to meet the various needs (and budget!) of our customers.

My Current Door Is Not a Standard Size, Will a One Fit?

Many manufacturers are able to custom craft a door to fit. Another option is to modify the area surrounding the garage but this is typically even more expensive than a custom door.

One of My Garage Door Springs Broke, Should I Have Both Springs Replaced at the Same Time?

As both springs were likely installed at the same time, it is expected that the second spring will fail soon after the first. It is recommended you replace both springs at once to avoid another repair call in the near future.

I Would Like to Get a New Door, But Keep My Old Track. Can I Do That?

In most cases manufacturers recommend that you have a new track installed with your door for a properly balanced door that glides easily. *Follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure your warranty remains valid.

I Have a Large Dent in One Section of My Overhead Door, Can This be Repaired?

With a sectional roll-up you can often avoid complete garage door replacement by repairing/replacing individual sections (contingent on the rest of the door being structurally sound). Single panel wooden garage doors are more difficult to repair and a full replacement is usually more cost effective.

Will You Take My Old Door When I Have a New One Installed?

Yes, your old door can be hauled away and properly disposed of for a small fee.

Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Work?

Warranties on labor are typically valid for a limited amount of time (at least 6 months for major repairs) to ensure the work is executed properly. Warranties on parts and door assemblies are issued by the manufacturer and will vary by product but often start out at a minimum of one year.

Where Can I Learn More?

In addition to the information and links above, you can take a look at research on insulated garage door value, and check here for updates on energy efficient standards for garages, and

Waller County Cities Served

Garage Doors Hempstead, TX

Hempstead Garage Doors Costs:

Hempstead garage door repair costs $263, garage door opener repair costs $192.

Garage Doors Prairie View, TX

Prairie View Garage Doors Costs:

Prairie View garage door repair costs $235, garage door opener repair costs $171.

Garage Doors Brookshire, TX

Brookshire Garage Doors Costs:

Brookshire garage door repair costs $228, garage door opener repair costs $166.

Garage Doors Pattison, TX

Pattison Garage Doors Costs:

Pattison garage door repair costs $260, garage door opener repair costs $189.

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Garage Door Repair in Waller County, TX

Garage Door Repair Waller County, TX

Garage Door Opener Repair in Waller County, TX

Garage Door Opener Repair Waller County, TX

Garage Door Installation in Waller County, TX

Garage Door Installation Waller County, TX

Get Pricing on Garage Doors in Waller County, TX

Waller County Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair in Waller County

Average Cost: $277
Starting At: $112

Show Less

CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Brookshire $228$85$557
Hempstead $263$93$441
Pattison $260$106$483
Prairie View $235$91$499
Waller County Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair in Waller County

Average Cost: $202
Starting At: $74

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Brookshire $166$56$507
Hempstead $192$61$401
Pattison $189$69$439
Prairie View $171$60$454
Waller County Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation in Waller County

Average Cost: $1,091
Starting At: $359

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Brookshire $898$272$2,119
Hempstead $1,037$299$1,677
Pattison $1,021$339$1,835
Prairie View $925$292$1,896
Waller County Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage Door Opener Installation in Waller County

Average Cost: $324
Starting At: $121

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Brookshire $267$92$780
Hempstead $308$101$617
Pattison $303$114$676
Prairie View $274$99$698
Waller County Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair in Waller County

Average Cost: $141
Starting At: $94

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CityAvg. CostLow CostHigh Cost
Brookshire $116$71$226
Hempstead $134$78$179
Pattison $132$89$196
Prairie View $119$77$203