Critical After Storm Tree Care

Tree blown down blocking the road

Tree care after powerful storms is critical as even deep rooted, large healthy trees can be damaged. From minor branch damage to being completely blown over, homeowners need to quickly assess post storm damage to see what tree care is necessary.

Tips For Caring For Trees After a Storm

If a storm has just rolled through and you have found trees or tree branches broken on your property, there are a couple things you can do for after storm tree care.

  1. Assess the damage - Look around your property to check the extent of the damage. Loose small branches scattered across your property can be easily picked up and thrown out or placed aside to use as firewood. Remove or trim any branches that were broken and have left a jagged edge. Signs of more serious damage include tilted trees and roots that have been pushed up through the ground which can be a signal your tree has lost stability in its root foundation.
  2. Be mindful of falling branches - Even if your trees do not appear to be broken, avoid walking directly under them as some branches may have been damaged during the storm and can fall down at any time. Large tall trees should be checked out by a tree professional to ensure all branches are intact and healthy. high voltage caution tape around a fallen tree after storm
  3. Avoid Power Lines - It can be very dangerous to be near or pick up any branches that are touching or leaning on any type of power line. If you see this on or near your property, call a tree service professional as they have the knowledge as well as the tools to properly handle the situation.
  4. Inspect Your Roof - If easily accessible, it can be worth taking a peek at your home's roof to make sure nearby tree limbs have not inflicted any damage. During high winds large branches can fall on your roof and then blow away. Damage inflicted is not easily identifiable from the ground, but may cause water to seep through the roof into the home.

    Tree damage after storm

  5. Contact A Tree Care Professional - When in doubt, hire a tree care expert to handle the trees on your property. With access to proper tools and knowledge of how and when to handle trees that have been damaged during a storm, tree professionals can get the job done quickly and safely, especially when a tree is touching or near a power line.

    Huge tree needs to be removed after storm

Hire The Best Tree Care Professional

While it is possible to take care of damaged tree limbs that have fallen in your property, it is better to be safe than sorry by hiring the best tree professional in your area. Before picking up a chainsaw, weigh the advantages and disadvantages to doing any type of tree work yourself - it may be best to hire a professional who knows how to work heavy duty tree machinery.

Aptera works with local tree service pros that have extensive experience handling all types of trees, from recurring tree trimming and pruning to after storm tree care and have immediate access to a multitude of equipment. Contact Aptera today to find out how quickly a tree service professional can come to your property to take care of any tree damage caused by a recent storm.